Here are 3 Reasons Why Should You Choose the Best Orthodontist in Canberra?

Image of an Orthodontist explaining procedures with a patient, by Supersmile

There are no quick fix treatments when it comes to straightening out crooked teeth, protruding teeth, gap teeth and overcrowded teeth. There are many clinics in Canberra that offer quick and affordable teeth straightening procedures but it seems most of the patients suffered from worse problems after their visit.


To avoid worsening of your teeth problem, it is imperative that you visit a licensed and experienced orthodontist in Canberra. Reputable dental clinics will offer affordable traditional braces and Invisalign aligners at a more expensive rate, but the effects are both pleasant and permanent. Dental clinics that claim to straighten teeth in six months or less do not use the right dental appliances which results in recurrence of problems over time.

If not installed properly by a licensed orthodontist in Canberra, here are some issues that you may encounter:

  • Gum problems

In the case of overcrowded and protruding teeth, you might experience gum recession and gum diseases. If the teeth are pushed out of the jawbone, it will have a negative impact on the overall condition of the gums, too!


  • Bite problems

With improper teeth straightening procedures, teeth bite together will be affected, too.

  • Soreness is an unpleasant outcome when the teeth bite up into the gum at the mouth’s roof.
  • Embarrassing teeth sticking out when the top anterior are pushed out as a result of a quick fix teeth straightening procedure.
  • You may also suffer from teeth bite inefficiency when teeth aligners cause less contact between the upper and lower teeth.
  • Relapse of reversal of effects when the inappropriate orthodontic appliance is installed onto the teeth.

To avoid such problems, it is important for you to address any concerns during your visit to a reputable orthodontist in Canberra. Request the dentist to enumerate the different treatment options as well as features and risks for each of them. After a thorough explanation of teeth straightening options that are available, it is ideal for you to take time to decide if you want to push through with installing either braces or Invisalign.
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