4 Things that You Should Know about Getting Braces in Canberra

a woman with braces in Canberra

Nervous about getting braces in Canberra? Perhaps you’ve got the date all set and the prep work is done yet you just can’t shake the jitters wondering about what exactly you’d getting yourself into? Don’t fret though, knowing just what to expect and a few facts behind your decision to get dental braces will certainly help. Let’s get right to it!

The cost of braces

Expenses are a lingering concern for most people when it comes to dental treatments and while the cost of braces can be quite significant, leaving your dental problems to go on unchecked will ultimately cost you a lot more.

Truth be told, dental braces don’t come cheap and if you’ve got dental coverage that covers at least some of the cost then consider yourself lucky. Costs can vary even among patients with similar dental problems. Dental braces in the country can cost you at least $4500 on average. If you’re getting braces behind teeth or lingual braces then the cost can be much higher.

Now at this point your orthodontist may have already given you a quote for the procedure. Fortunately you are not expected to settle the amount all at once. Most reputable orthodontic clinics offer flexible payment plans allowing you to better manage the cost over a set period of time.

People of all ages can wear braces

When people talk about braces they often picture kids or teenagers wearing them prompting some to cancel the procedure altogether. The truth is that people of all ages wear braces as necessary including adults. People with misaligned teeth can all benefit from braces and such a problem can manifest itself in childhood, puberty and adult life.

Braces improve “bite”

When you get braces in Canberra, you’re improving not just the alignment of your teeth but your bite as well which is just as important. An orthodontist can even recommend braces for this reason alone. Your top and bottom teeth needs to meet perfectly when closing your jaw; this is essential for maintaining healthy teeth. Problems with bite can lead to chipped or cracked teeth, gum problems and even difficulty with speech.

Orthodontists are no ordinary dentists

It is recommended that people go to an orthodontist if they wish to get braces. Such professionals are not your ordinary dentists and while it might be tempting to opt for the latter just to save on cost, most people would agree that its just not worth the risk.

Installing and configuring braces can be described as a highly complex dental procedure and one that requires the expertise of a specialist. That’s just what an orthodontists has to offer after spending years undergoing a specialisation program covering tooth and jaw functions. This is something that is well beyond the scope of a regular dentist and although some may have undergone weekend trainings to add braces in their list of services, those are poor substitutes to the kind of training orthodontists have under their belt.

So there you have it – a few things that you should know about getting braces. Got a few more questions in mind? Why not arrange a consultation with some of the best orthodontists in the country? Call Super Smile today on  1300 767 553 and learn everything you need to know about getting braces in Canberra.


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