4 Tips for Preparing Your Child for First Visit to a Dentist in Canberra City

a child visits her orthodontist, Image by Supersmile Orthodontist


Are you looking to prepare your child for their first dental appointment? Perhaps you have been looking at reviews on dentists in Canberra for advice on the matter? Dentists engaged in paediatric care love working with kids. Unfortunately, parents often do not take the time to prepare their children for their visit to the dentist.


In this post, we will go over some tips on how you can prepare kids for their first dental appointment. Children will have to see their dentist at some point and parents would want to make sure that their little one has a pleasant experience with their dental care provider.


Modern dentistry for children in Canberra ACT – What to do and what not to do


Do ask the dentist how to prepare your child for the dental appointment and what to expect

Dentists are sure to appreciate the gesture as it will make their work much easier and would be more than happy to help. You might be concerned about the visit yourself and talking with the dentist beforehand ought to give you peace of mind.


You might want to consider working with dentists that specialise in paediatric care as they will have taken measures to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible during the visit – toys, age-appropriate reading materials and more.


Make sure that your child is fed and well-rested shortly before the appointment

Schedule your appointment earlier during the day when your little one is less likely to be tired. Take the time to feed them some snacks shortly before the visit. Children who are tired and hungry are bound to be fussy and uncooperative.


Do not discuss any negative experience you might have had with your dentist when you are a child nor use the experience to enforce disciplinary action.


Paediatric dental care has improved significantly over the years, and you should not pass on any poor experiences you have had in the past to your children. Also, parents often make the mistake of cultivating the fear of dentistry in children without even realising it. You might have told your kids many times in the past that you will take them to a dentist if they do not brush their teeth. If so, how can you expect the dentist to build rapport with your little one in the future?


Be reasonable about the cost

Yes, dentist prices can be rather steep, and dental care professionals that specialise in paediatric care tend to charge a bit more. Still, that is no reason to cut corners when it comes to your child’s dental care needs.


If cost is a concern, then you can opt to see a bulk billing dentist. Such a dentist is required to see a set number of patients during the day and may not be able to give as much time to your child during the treatment. Still, a bulk billing dentist will take your Medicare benefits as full payment for the dental services rendered which means no out of pocket expenses.
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