5 Myths About Damon Braces That You Need To Know

Dec002 - Article 1 - 5 Myths About Damon Braces That You Need To KnowAre you here to find out the truth about Damon braces? Have you read too many myths or false information about braces and are unsure what is right and what is wrong? Damon braces in Canberra are the perfect thing you can have for your teeth, it is important that all the myths are put to rest.

Here are some of the common myths about Damon system braces in Canberra and the truth behind them -

Myth#1 – It’s Painful

Many people believe that wearing Damon braces is painful. However, this is a misconception. True, you may feel minor pain when wearing them for the first time, but after that it becomes painless. For those who have a low-pain tolerance, it may take you a day before you get used to Damon braces. Still, it is only a day.

Myth#2 – They Set Off Metal Detectors

People who travel frequently by plane are hesitant about having dental braces. One of the reasons is that they are afraid that the braces will set off metal detectors, causing a delay in their flight schedule. This is an absolute myth. True, metal braces are metal, but metal detectors are designed to detect large amounts of metal. It will never be triggered if only a small amount of metal is present.

Myth#3 – Braces Work Only for Kids

This is a pure myth! Damon braces are not only for kids. They work on adults as well. According to statistical reports, one out of five orthodontic patients is an adult, and the Damon braces have straightened their teeth.

Myth#4 – Braces Make You Look Ugly

Some dislike the idea of having braces because they think it will make them look ugly. True, dental braces were bulky in the past, but today, dental braces have undergone major improvements when it comes to aesthetics. In fact, you can find invisible Damon braces. These types of dental braces are made of transparent material, making them hardly recognisable with plain sight.

Myth#4 – Braces Can Only Straighten Teeth Not Improve Their Appearance

Some people think that dental braces are not a worthy investment because it can only straighten teeth. However, this is a myth. Damon braces not only straighten teeth, but also improve facial aesthetics. It allows you to have a fuller smile, have a smoother cheek contour, lessen the number of crooked teeth and so on.

Now that you know the truth, it is the best time to check with your orthodontist and get your Damon braces today!