5 Tools To Clean Your Damon Braces In Canberra

Dec002 - Article 2 - 5 Tools To Clean Your Damon Braces In CanberraAre you a regular wearer of Damon braces in Canberra? If yes, you are sure to think (and even ask your orthodontist) about the methods and tools to keep your Damon braces clean, right? Keeping your braces clean is very important, not only from the point of view of oral hygiene, but also for the speedy recovery of your tooth disorder.

Here’s a list of the top 5 tools which are extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning your Damon system braces in Canberra -

Floss Threaders

This is one of the tools that you must have if you are wearing Damon braces. These little lassos can help you floss under the wires so you can clean any bits left between the gum line, wires, and teeth. It could be a little difficult to floss the first time, once you get used to it, things will be easier.

Dental Picks

Dental Picks are also a must have. It can help you dislodge any food that is wrapped around or stuck on the wires. It is advisable to bring dental picks with you if you are going out to eat. This way, you can go to the bathroom anytime you feel that you need some food removed from your teeth.


This tool looks like pipe cleaners. It can go between the teeth and the braces to clean food and eliminate plaque buildup. Proxabrushes come in varying sizes. Be sure to bring the smaller ones with you because they are more effective in cleaning small gaps between the wires and the teeth. Of course, larger brushes are also important because they are easier to maneuver when cleaning the back of your teeth.

Water Jets

Water Jets are very effective in removing debris and plaque lodged between the teeth and around the braces. This tool can shoot a pulsing stream of water with enough pressure to dislodge food particles stuck in the teeth. It is advisable to add antiseptic dental rinse to the water when using this tool. Be sure to incorporate water jets in your daily flossing and brushing routine.


The best tool for cleaning your teeth is patience. Without patience, you will never bother spending a lot of time cleaning your teeth. However, you need to make sure that you clean your teeth thoroughly to prevent plaque buildup. It takes time but, with enough patience, you can do it.

With the use of these 5 tools, you can definitely keep your Damon braces in Canberra absolutely clean and your teeth healthy!