The Advantages of Choosing Clear Braces Over Metal Aligners

Image of a clear braces, Image by Supersmile Orthodontists

Did you know that having braces does not need highly visible and obvious metal brackets and wires? If you are looking for a way to straighten crooked teeth without the use of traditional teeth aligning appliances, clear braces are worth serious consideration. 


Here are common reasons why people opt for clear braces. 

  • Clear braces are ideal for cases such as mild spacing or crowding. 
  • Clear braces may be used by individuals who have had traditional braces in the past and do not require extensive wearing
  • Wearing clear braces does not ruin your smile when straightening out crooked teeth. 
  • Clear braces also facilitate optimum oral health. It has been proven that having perfectly-aligned teeth is crucial to achieving optimum dental wellness as they are healthier in both function and form. Straight teeth are less likely to suffer from plaque build-up as they are easier to clean altogether. Also, perfectly aligned teeth mean that the gums fit tighter to the teeth because there are no issues such as overlapping. Snug fit of teeth with the gums also reduces one’s risk from developing periodontal conditions, too. 


What benefits do clear braces have for patients?

  • Orthodontics find it easier to identify the treatment duration with clear braces. 
  • You can avoid premolar extraction through the creation of interdental spaces via a procedure called interproximal reduction. 
  • Clear braces also means less trips to the dentist as this appliance allows users to align their teeth by themselves every few weeks. 


Are clear braces more expensive?

Clear braces are slightly more expensive than traditional braces. According to a recent study, traditional braces prices range between 3,000 AUD and 7,500 AUD for initial installation and monthly adjustments with a certified orthodontist. On the other hand, clear braces or ceramic braces cost between 3,500AUD and 8,000AUD. 

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