The Advantages of Clear Braces in Canberra

a woman with Clear Braces in Canberra

Why get invisible braces?

Are you wondering about clear braces in Canberra and whether its an alternative to traditional metallic braces that is well worth looking into? Perhaps you were advised by your orthodontist to begin wearing braces to correct your tooth alignment and you’re looking for a better and albeit less conspicuous alternative. If that sounds a lot like you then so called “invisible braces” are something that you definitely would want to consider.

The pros and cons of clear braces in Canberra

Let’s face it, metallic braces are just downright unsightly. Although we know that undergoing such a treatment will ultimately do us a lot of good in the future, people can’t help but be embarrassed when wearing it. More so if you’re an adult as you probably can’t imagine having metal braces while at work and presenting yourself to clients and your colleagues. Don’t fret though; there are certainly better ways to go about it in the form of clear braces in Australia!

Now as the term already suggest, clear braces are a transparent and inconspicuous alternative to regular metallic braces. These braces are made from a set of invisible aligners tailored to perfectly fit your dental features and gently accomplish the desired alignment. Hence you can undergo the same orthodontic treatment minus the personal embarrassment and social ridicule.

Of course we can’t delve into the advantages without mentioning its cons. Clear braces in the ACT can be quite expensive. Invisible braces can easily set you back $6000 to $9000. Although these braces are undoubtedly more comfortable to wear, clear braces require more maintenance. For one thing, these braces have to be removed during meals which can be quite a hassle. Clear braces also need to replaced and changed much more frequently which means the duration of the treatment can drag on for much longer and you’ll need to see your orthodontist more often than with traditional braces. Despite its downsides though, most people would agree that invisible braces are well worth the added cost and inconvenience as an inconspicuous alternative to metal braces.

Looking to know more about invisible braces? Perhaps you’ve got a few more questions of your own? Why not arrange a consultation with one of our orthodontic experts? Call Super Smile today on 1300 767 553 and learn everything you need to know about clear braces in Canberra!

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