The Advantages of Getting Clear Braces for Teeth in Canberra

What exactly are “clear braces”?

Clear Braces for Teeth in Canberra

Are you interested in getting clear braces for teeth in Canberra? Perhaps you’ve been advised to undergo orthodontic treatment to treat misalignments in your teeth and jawline? In any case, most people choose to forego treatment simply because they dread the thought of having adorn their teeth with unsightly metallic braces for any amount of time. Fortunately this is no longer the case today and its all thanks to invisible or less conspicuous alternatives among the most popular of which come in the form of clear braces.

Now you’ve got to wonder though – what are clear braces and what are some of their notable advantages as an orthodontic treatment? More importantly you may want to know if its the right solution for you and how it stacks up against similar treatments such as lingual braces.

Clear braces for teeth in Canberra – what can it do for you?

Now invisible braces have made it more comfortable and convenient for adults to seek out the orthodontic treatment that they need even in their later years. At the forefront of these advances came the clear braces. First developed in the early 1970s, early models of clear braces were first produced using 3D computer technology and succeeding developments in plastic fabrication. It ultimately made its début sometime in the year 2000 and quickly became a hit among adults in need of orthodontic treatment but was simply not too keen about having to replace traditional metallic braces.

This brings us to the first and most apparent benefit of getting clear braces for teeth in Canberra – aesthetics. Clear braces simply look natural and are a lot more comfortable compared to other invisible orthodontic treatments. Clear braces are also inexpensive and are usually made from porcelain. One thing that you’ll likely notice though is that clear braces are not completely invisible and may still be noticeable although that may not necessarily be a good thing. Others have opted for multicoloured braces for a more expressive and colourful appearance.

If you’re looking for something that is truly invisible then you might want to opt for an Invisalign orthodontic treatment instead. Invisalign takes the concept of clear braces one step further by making use of clear aligners fabricated to fit every tooth. The cost of Invisalign in Canberra can easily set you back $6000 to $9000 making it one of the most expensive orthodontic treatments out there. When it comes to aesthetics though, most people would agree that nothing else comes close to it in terms of results.

Of course not too many people can afford Invisalign treatment or even its counterpart, lingual braces which are basically braces installed behind the teeth concealing them from plain sight. Even among cheap orthodontists, the cost of lingual braces can easily rival that of a full Invisalign treatment.

Other notable benefits of clear braces (one that it shares with Invisalign braces) is the fact that it can be removed at will. Particularly useful when eating or when brushing your teeth. These braces also not only look great but offer a layer of much needed protection against wear, chipping and breakage.

What are you waiting for? Clear braces give you the opportunity to treat any problems with your teeth alignment without taking away your confidence as you continue to enjoy a “clear” and attractive smile! Call Super Smile today on 1300 767 553 to get started!


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