The Advantages of Porcelain Braces in Canberra

an orthodontist installing Porcelain Braces in Canberra

Ceramic braces as an alternative to traditional metallic braces

Are you interested in getting porcelain braces in Canberra but not quite sure about what to expect? Not too many people know about ceramic braces and if you’re truly in need for braces then it would be worth your while to consider the pros and cons of such dental fixtures.

Now ceramic braces can be a great solution for correcting misaligned teeth. Of course you can always opt for conventional metal braces which has long been proven to work but we all know how that goes. Most people find traditional braces uncomfortable and downright unsightly. Extended use of metal braces have also been linked to root degeneration and tooth decay according to a number of clinical studies. A better solution comes in the form of porcelain braces which have become immensely popular as a suitable alternative over the years.

What exactly are porcelain braces?

Porcelain braces are exactly what it sounds like – braces made from a combination of ceramics and other composite materials. These braces can be made to match the appearance of natural teeth by adjusting its transparency which is why they are often called “clear braces”. Unlike most other solutions in transparent braces, porcelain braces do not stain and are highly recommended for its aesthetic value.

Are porcelain braces in Canberra for you?

Well that depends – do you dislike the idea of having to wear metallic braces to align your teeth? Ceramic braces are ideal for just about anyone looking to reap the proven benefits of metallic braces minus its awkward and unsightly appearance. That’s why porcelain braces in Canberra have a great following among teens and adults alike.

Of course you cannot delve into the advantages of porcelain braces without mentioning the cons, perhaps the most significant of which is cost. Ceramic braces can cost a lot more than traditional metallic braces as its its more difficult to manufacture and install. However most people would agree that the opportunity to seek out dental alignment while preserving the pleasant appearance of natural teeth is well worth the added cost.

Yet another disadvantage when it comes to porcelain braces is the material itself; its basically made of a similar material as you’d see in glassware. Porcelain is a hard and brittle substance which means it’s less resistant to shock and other forms of abuse such as tooth grinding and impact. People with porcelain braces need to be careful and avoid using certain sections of their teeth for chewing which can take some time getting used to.

Looking to get started? Perhaps you got a few more questions about getting ceramic braces for teeth alignment? Call Super Smile today on 1300 767 553 and arrange a consultation with proven and reputable experts when it comes to porcelain braces in Canberra.


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