How Affordable is Invisalign in Canberra?

Image of an affordable invisalign bracesSome of the best Orthodontist in Australia would tell you that Invisalign braces are anything but affordable. These braces cost significantly more than their standard counterpart, metal braces.

However, if you require dental alignment and cannot imagine yourself wearing metal braces, then you will find that the cost of Invisalign treatment is more than reasonable.


Invisalign – not affordable braces but every bit as valuable


While the cost of Invisalign treatment is undoubtedly significant, most people would agree that the value these braces bring to the table far exceed the expense. After all, people buy into these braces with the intention of preserving the natural look of their teeth. Doing so comes at a cost, but you can say the same thing about any cosmetic treatment in the market.


Rather than being overly concerned about cost, it would be best to obtain a good grasp of how these braces work. Only then can you decide whether Invisalign braces are worth the expense.


Cost of Invisalign braces – is it worth it?


Put simply; an Invisalign treatment will have you go through a series of transparent dental aligners that you wear much like removable dentures except that they are more refined. These aligners perfectly match your dental features and are designed to put adequate pressure on your teeth to influence a desirable change in alignment over time.


As you might expect, Invisalign braces are almost invisible. Your peers won’t even notice that you are wearing braces unless you tell them. It’s a dream come true for anyone in need of teeth alignment but fear how regular braces may affect their appearance.


Of course, the aesthetic benefit does come at a cost. You can expect to pay around $6000 to $9000 for a set of Invisalign braces. For minor cases of teeth alignment, orthodontists typically charge about $4500. The exact cost ultimately depends on the severity of your dental problem and whether you require additional treatment.
Now that you have learned how Invisalign braces work and an estimate of cost, you might be wondering how much Invisalign braces will cost you. Well, there is no better way to go about it than to arrange a consultation with our experts here at Supersmile Orthodontics in Canberra! Call us today on 1300 767 553 to get started.

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