Aligning Teeth with Damon Braces in Canberra

a girl with Damon Braces in Canberra

A review on Damon braces

Looking to get Damon braces in Canberra? You might have heard about how these braces correct crooked or misaligned teeth a lot quicker but how does it actually work? How do these braces compare to traditional ones? These are important questions and is certainly well worth looking into given the typically higher cost of Damon braces in the market.

So how do Damon braces in Canberra compare to traditional braces?

Damon braces differ in that they actually work more like brackets – self-litigating ones! This means that unlike traditional braces, Damon braces secure or bind themselves without the need for ligatures as is normally the case for conventional braces. Damon braces are different in that the brackets ( the metallic sections connected to the teeth) support the dental wires all by itself through a clip or sliding mechanism.

Some of the most significant benefits of Damon braces include:

Reduced pain

Although getting Damon braces are far from being painless, most experts agree that it is a lot more manageable compared to conventional braces. Soreness is always to be expected when a tooth is being aligned and for that, pressure must be applied unto the tooth which in turn causes inflammation. The absence of ligatures in Damon braces causes less friction which in turn reduces soreness and discomfort in a patient.


Yet another benefit as cited by most other reviews on Damon braces is that it’s a lot easier to work with for both orthodontists and patients alike. The brackets are small, even and aesthetically looks better than traditional braces. Most patients agree that its a lot more comfortable and they can go further in between adjustments as the wires in a Damon brace can move much further to influence the desired alignment.

Now when the time does come for adjustments, Damon braces in Canberra are a cinch! Most orthodontists love the fact that these braces deliver precise results no matter who handles the adjustment. This means that a patient can expect to spend much less time in the clinic as the orthodontists or any of their assistants can reliably handle the adjustment. Most orthodontists also love how Damon braces can easily open or slides right in cutting adjustment times in just a few minutes.

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