All You Need To Know About Damon Braces in Canberra

braces - All You Need To Know About Damon Braces In CanberraDamon braces in Canberra and other parts around the world are quite popular. If you have some dental problems, you must have heard about these self-ligating braces. In fact, they are preferred by many professional orthodontists to treat dental patients, and with good reason. Dr. Dwight Damon designed them in 1996 using the self-ligating system. This system is quite different from that used to make regular braces, which depend on elastic bands to hold their arch wires together.

With the self-ligating model, braces are bound together without the use of elastic ties. In place of elastic ligatures, these braces utilize gliding doors to bind the wires in place. The braces are then fitted with small stoppers to ensure that they do not move out of position. So, what impact does the removal of elastic ligatures have on braces? Well, this has enabled Damon orthodontic braces to possess some superior features that make them a bit better than ordinary braces.

What Makes These Braces Distinct?

The Damon system braces in Canberra and those manufactured elsewhere are all made in the same way. The basic premise of these braces is the lack of elastics. This in turn provides many benefits, which range from reducing patient discomfort, to speeding up treatment.

To learn more about Damon self-ligating braces, let us have a look the pros and cons of these orthodontic appliances.

The Benefits Of Using Damon Dental Braces

The sliding mechanism of these braces is known to cause less friction and pressure on the teeth. As a result, teeth that have been fitted with Damon braces are able to move freely. This not only makes treatment less painful, but also faster. Reduced treatment time can be attributed to the fact that the braces are not removed temporarily to ease the discomfort that is often associated with metallic dental braces.

What’s more, the unique sliding mechanisms of self-ligating braces reduce the number of visits to the orthodontist. This is because these braces require little routine maintenance for adjustments.

Since Damon dental braces are made of a transparent ceramic material, they are perfect for those who want to wear invisible braces. Last, patients are able to maintain good oral health with these braces thanks to the lack of elastic ligatures, which often trap food particles, plaque, and bacteria between teeth crevices.

Damon System Braces Cons

The Damon self-ligating braces comes with a couple of disadvantages. First, these braces are generally expensive compared to traditional ones. In addition, some teeth may be extracted in order to apply these braces, but this depends on the general dental condition of the patient.

Therefore, keep this in mind when looking for Damon system braces in Canberra.