A Beginners Guide on How to Choose Coloured Braces for Teeth

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Now that you have accepted the fact that you are going to be wearing braces for the next couple of years, did you know that you could choose from a wide array of colours? Picking a colour for your braces is an excellent way to show your style and personality. 


Braces Colour Options


Traditional braces consist of different parts such as archwire, brackets, and elastic bands that are installed around brackets. For those who want to keep braces low-profile, ceramic or Invisalign is the best teeth-straightening solution.


Typically, the brackets and wires of traditional braces are silver. The elastic or rubber bands that go around the brackets may be coloured. Choosing different colours from the colour wheel each time you visit the orthodontist will allow you to decide which colour ideas or colour combinations look best on you. 


When you have traditional braces on, you need to visit the orthodontist every 4 to 6 weeks for an adjustment. During each visit, you have the chance to change the elastic bands, too. Changing the colour of elastic or rubber bands means that you do not have to settle for one colour for the entire time that you are wearing braces. You are allowed to change the colour of elastic bands or retain the colour but change the bands for the necessary adjustment. 


A Quick Guide when Choosing Colours for your Braces


There is no right or wrong colour when it comes to braces. As long as you are happy or satisfied with your choice, then you can wear it for the next 4 to 6 weeks until your next visit. 


Here are a few things to consider when choosing coloured braces:


Red will only work best if it is combined or contrasted with another colour. Braces with red bands may give the appearance that your gums are bleeding, thus combining it with another colour is recommended. 


Dark green elastic bands may be mistaken for food stuck in between the teeth. To fix this common issue, you should opt for a lighter green shade or mix green with another colour. 


Grey or black elastic bands make the teeth appear rotten from afar. It may be cool to wear them around Halloween, but colour ideas that may not be ideal to be worn for the rest of the treatment. 
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