Braces to Attain the Perfect Facial Shape

Braces to Attain the Perfect Facial Shape Image by SupersmileA pertinent question which is always on the minds of people who go for dental braces is that whether the application of braces can change the shape of their face. Braces bring about a change in the position of the teeth and this is almost certain to affect the facial structure. Required or desirable face shape can be achieved by the use of braces. Orthodontists with enhanced skill can also correct overbites and underbites which leads to enhanced appearance and symmetry.

There are several patients who have a protruding mouth go for braces. This is a classic case of misaligned teeth. In some cases, even the chin can protrude. Braces are instrumental in correcting this problem. All this has to be done under the aegis of a well-trained trained orthodontist. Braces will bring about a very subtle change in your jawline and facial profile which will become noticeable over a period of time. The changes may take time to manifest but over the course of time they will become quite prominent as the jaw will realign with respect to the face.

Tooth extraction can give your face a sunken-in look. It may make you appear older. Such situations can be corrected by the use of incognito braces which eliminate further extraction. A major factor that contributes to the change in facial structure is tooth extraction. Incognito braces are 100% customizable braces which work really well in the straightening of the teeth. They don’t make any drastic changes to the shape of the mouth but are still very effective when it comes to straightening. They are fitted behind the teeth and thus remain hidden and hence the name ‘invisible braces’. They are ideal for people who don’t want to put on metal wires and brackets on their teeth. If you wear incognito braces, the onlooker can’t really determine that.

Things like teeth, their alignment, jaw alignment, etc. are important factors which determine the shape of the face. Braces can come to your rescue if you have misaligned teeth. You can discard all worries about possible changes in the shape because they’ll be very subtle and in most cases they’ll be positive changes. It is important to reach out to the best orthodontists in the town who have years of hands-on experience with braces. Not everyone can install braces on your teeth to give you that desired look.