What can Dental Plates in Canberra do for you?

Looking to get dental plates from an affordable dentist?

an orthodontist working on Dental Plates in CanberraAre you wondering about so called dental plates in Canberra and whether it’s the right solution for you? Also known as “blade implants”, such a solution is highly recommended by many dental care professionals particularly for patients who are unable to get a regular dental implant due to poor jaw bone density.

It’s an effective and straightforward way of replacing missing teeth which often causes discomfort and adversely affects one’s appearance. If that sounds a lot like you then these plates are something that you definitely would want to look into.

What exactly are dental plates in Canberra?

Indeed dental plates are primarily used on patients that aren’t ideal candidates for regular dental implants. The jawbone could be too narrow or may lead to serious complications such as bone atrophy. In any case, bone grafting isn’t always an option and that’s where emergency dental plates come in.

Unlike traditional root implants that requires drilling into a wide area of the jawbone, dental plates in Canberra can be used on a jaw bone structure with relatively thin ridges. It’s all thanks to it’s flat and narrow profile. It also helps that the cost of dental plates is just about the same as that of regular dental implants which is a big plus for anyone considering an affordable dentist for the procedure.

Now the process of installing dental plates are actually similar to that of a root type dental implant. Local anaesthetics are applied and the orthodontist makes the necessary incisions to reveal the jawbone. The plates are then carefully inserted into the jaw and sealed by stitching the gums into place. In a few months, the implant ultimately fuses with the jaw bone creating a strong and natural looking foundation for the replacement tooth.

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