Are You From Canberra and are Looking to Get Invisible Braces?

image of a woman holding her invisible braces

Invisible braces straighten your teeth discreetly. Whether you have an overbite problem or suffer from mild to severe malocclusions, invisible braces such as Invisalign are a unique, safe, and effective solution that will straighten your teeth in no time. 


When are Invisalign teeth aligners recommended for patients?

 Invisalign is a teeth-straightening system that is an innovative alternative to traditional metal braces. It is a dental procedure that is prescribed for patients who suffer from teeth misalignment and malocclusion problems that are exacerbated by chewing and biting. 

 The primary reason why people in Canberra prefer Invisalign or invisible braces is due to their discreet teeth straightening function. Typically, adults prefer Invisalign as this appliance can be removed easily during certain activities such as eating, drinking, tooth brushing, and flossing. 

 Due to their removable features, most patients prefer Invisalign as they can take better care of their dental hygiene while under this teeth-straightening system. Invisalign offers a pain-free teeth-straightening experience than conventional metal braces don’t. 


What does Invisalign treat?

 Invisible braces are unique and flexible orthodontic appliances which help in fixing the following problems:

 Overcrowding of teeth 

  • Spacing problems – gaps in between teeth. 
  • An overbite that features vertical overlap of upper front teeth over lower front teeth. 
  • Open bite – a condition wherein upper and lower sets of teeth do not meet when you bite. 
  • Crossbite – an orthodontic condition wherein the upper and lower teeth bite the opposite of each other. 
  • Overjet – when the upper front teeth are flared. 
  • Deep bite – where the centre lines of both upper and lower teeth do not align. 
  • Underbite – an orthodontic condition wherein lower teeth stick out or cover the upper front teeth. 


If you’re wondering whether Invisalign is the perfect teeth aligners for your problem, schedule an appointment with us. You may call us on 1300 757 553 to schedule your orthodontic consultation today.


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