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image of a Woman having teeth examined by a Belconnen Dentist

The Basics of Wearing Braces for Adults in Canberra

Are you embarrassed because you have crooked teeth? Do you have an overbite or underbite issue? Unresolved problems such as these can now be fixed with adult braces. If you skipped on braces during your younger years, adult braces provide a fast and efficient solution for you today.  But before you schedule an appointment with […]

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How Much are Teeth Straightening Treatments from the Best Orthodontic Care in Canberra?

Orthodontic care is an excellent investment for the future. Given the fact that costs can vary for different orthodontic treatments, it is important to learn about them so you can be financially prepared for them when the need arises.  Orthodontists in Canberra now take a more individualised approach to treatment. You don’t have to pay […]

Image of a woman with multi-colored braces holding orange fruit, by Supersmile

How to Choose the Best Coloured Braces for Teeth

Choosing the right coloured braces is important because patients wear them for months, and in some cases, for a few years. The metal braces do not look exactly pleasing to those wearing them, but the addition of coloured bans undeniably makes them fun.  Rubber-bands come in many colours allowing patients to have fun while in […]

image of Dental invisible braces or silicone trainer in the hands of a young smiling girl

The Truth About the Cost of Braces in Canberra

Dental braces are orthodontic appliances used for crooked and misaligned teeth. The main function of braces is to treat crooked teeth and to re-align the teeth for a beautifully straight smile.    How do braces work?   Dental braces work by placing the ideal amount of pressure on affected teeth to move them into their […]

image of a Face of a young woman with braces on her teeth

The Cost of Orthodontic Braces in Canberra

Orthodontic braces are a worthwhile investment for your dental hygiene, however thorough research needs to be conducted to get the most value for your money.    The cost of orthodontic braces in Australia depends on the specific treatment and where in Australia you live. The average cost of braces in Australia however ranges between $3,500 […]

Image of a woman wearing her perfect smile, Image by Supersmile Orthodontists

A Quick Overview of Orthodontic Dentistry

Orthodontists are dental practitioners who are focused on improving the smile of patients through various teeth alignment methodologies and effective facial development procedures. Orthodontics is a specialty dentistry field that largely involves teeth straightening and alignment as well as correcting bite issues. An orthodontist is responsible for identifying problems with a patient’s teeth and is […]