How to Choose the Best Belconnen Dentists for New Residents

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If you are new in Belconnen, one of your first concerns is looking for new health practitioners for your family. If you lived in your previous neighbourhood all your life and were with the same dentist for many years, finding a new one at Belconnen may seem like a challenge. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of tips on how you can pick the right dentist at Belconnen. 


Here are 5 factors to consider before choosing a new dental health professional:

  • Create a shortlist of dental clinics that are near your home or workplace. Make a list of questions which you can use to gather pertinent information. The details you gather from several dental clinics will be used once you are ready to implement a comparative analysis across all clinics. 
  • Check if the clinics in Belconnen included on your list a part of your dental insurance network. Check with your health insurance provider whether your potential list of dentists is part of their network. You may also check to find out which clinics serving in Belconnen are part of your  insurance network. 

Since in-network providers are cheaper than those outside of your insurance network, you may well consider them when narrowing down your list. 

  • Choose a dentist who is a part of the Australian Dental Association. A majority of health insurance companies will only recommend dental health practitioners who are duly registered with the Australian Dental Association. There are other organisations that approve dentists based on specialisation, too. Keep in mind that different organisations or academies work on a pay-to-play basis. 

Dental professionals choose which organisation best suit their respective specialisation or dentistry approach. It is most important to confirm that your potential dentist in Belconnen is board certified and hold a current registration with the board of dentistry. 

  • The type of dental service will determine which Belconnen dental clinic to visit. It is important for you to identify your needs when finally deciding who among the Belconnen dentists to choose. Are you looking for a dentist for preventive measures, check-ups, and cleanings? Are you looking to improve your smile? Are you in need of a dental professional that can perform cosmetic work on your teeth? 

Different types of dental needs require different types of dental health professionals to work with. For children, it is wise to enlist them to a pediatric dentist, orthodontist if you need braces, cosmetic dentist for veneers, etc. 


If you wish to learn more about the dental services that we offer in Belconnen, do not hesitate to reach us on 1300 767 553 today.

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