How to Choose the Best Coloured Braces for Teeth

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Choosing the right coloured braces is important because patients wear them for months, and in some cases, for a few years. The metal braces do not look exactly pleasing to those wearing them, but the addition of coloured bans undeniably makes them fun. 

Rubber-bands come in many colours allowing patients to have fun while in the process of teeth straightening. If you are about to wear braces or if you have newly installed ones, here are tips that will help you pick the right colour. 


What colour band should I get for braces?

There are many ways to decide which colour band to get for traditional braces. Should you follow your intuition or pick your favourite colour? Should you choose based on the colours of your existing wardrobe or uniform? Is it a good decision to pair the colour of your braces to an upcoming event or holiday? These are just some of the many questions that individuals with braces have in mind. 


Here are some tips when choosing the colour of your braces

  1. White braces seem like the best and safest colour, but they can stain easily especially when ingesting certain types of food items. If your teeth are not white, white colour braces can make your teeth appear yellow. 
  2. Darker colours such as black, grey, and purple will make your teeth appear brighter. But be careful when choosing dark-coloured rubber bands as they make look like food stuck in your teeth.
  3. Yellow, orange, and gold may not be the best colour options as they will further bring out the natural yellowing of the teeth, hence making them look more yellow than they actually are. 


Here are excellent colour ideas for braces:

  1. Pick your favourite colour. This is an obvious solution for men and women. If you have two preferred colours, you can choose both of them at once for your next visit to the dentist. 
  2. Match brace colour with your wardrobe. Inspect your wardrobe and pick the most common shade that you have. You may also choose a colour that complements your sense of fashion. Adult patients commonly use neutral shades for rubber brands or a colour that closely match their respective enamel. 
  3. Match your rubber band colour to a special event or holiday. This is one fun way to get into the spirit of the holidays. You can wear red rubber bands during the Christmas season. You can take it off after four weeks or pick this colour on your next visit just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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