Why Choose Invisible Braces Over Metal Braces?

Image of a woman wearing her invisible braces - invisalign

Invisible braces help achieve healthy, straight teeth without suffering from the discomfort of having metal in your mouth for many years. The value of your smile goes beyond simple aesthetics. Besides making you look more beautiful, creating a beautiful smile gives you more confidence. You can look forward to a brighter life simply by getting your teeth aligned with invisible braces.


  • Get that dream job with the help of a perfect smile

Getting invisible braces for teeth is a worthwhile investment. Your chances of getting that dream job or that much-coveted promotion can be yours simply by flashing that perfect smile. There is significant financial gain when you have straight teeth. Besides the huge boost in confidence, your career can go places.


  • Fix crooked, misaligned teeth discreetly

One of the major strengths of invisible braces such as Invisalign is that it can straighten teeth at the same rate as traditional metal braces. As Invisalign is made from a durable, transparent material, it can be worn for up to 23 hours a day without any problems.

In addition, Invisalign is sturdy in that you don’t need regular adjustments as those being performed for patients who have metal braces. The Invisalign invisible braces are also custom-fitted so you feel comfortable while wearing them all day long.


  • The perfect invisible braces for adults

Metal braces are usually ordered during school-age or teenage years. For adults who are recommended braces, but feel uncomfortable wearing them, Invisalign is undeniably the perfect solution. In addition, Invisalign is a more comprehensive solution in that it can solve a majority of alignment problems that young and adult patients commonly suffer from.

How much does Invisalign cost compared to braces?

Invisalign is considerably more expensive than traditional braces. Due to its “invisible” feature, expect to pay at least $1500 more than what you would usually pay for metal braces. On an average, Invisalign treatment costs between $3500 and $7000, whereas traditional braces only cost between $2500 and $6000 for comprehensive metal brace alignment treatments.
Are you interested in getting invisible braces to help you create that dream smile? Click here to check out our prices for Invisalign and other teeth alignment services. For enquiries, you may also reach us on 1300 767 553.

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