Why Consult with Orthodontists in Canberra?

a woman consulting with Orthodontists in Canberra

Do you really need an orthodontist to get braces or similar treatments?

Are you wondering about the services of Orthodontists in Canberra and whether you actually need to see one? Perhaps your dentist has just recommended the use of braces even without a second opinion from an orthodontist? It happens more often than you think and if you’re reading this then you might be in the very same situation or similar to it.

A few things that everyone should know about Orthodontists in Canberra

As a thumb rule in dentistry, no orthodontic treatment should be done outside the expertise offered by an orthodontist and this is the case for a good reason. This of course includes getting braces in Canberra which is more complicated than most people think as there’s definitely more to it than just straightening the teeth. Careful planning and precise adjustments need to be made to ensure proper development of your teeth. Granted there are exceptions and many decide to pursue the matter with a regular dentist often with poor and less than desirable results. The cost of invisalign and other complicated dental treatment may seem significant but know that fixing a botched orthodontic treatment can cost you a heck of a lot more. You’d be better off having a reputable and highly experienced orthodontist do the job right the first time.

The fact of the matter is that Orthodontists in Canberra are nothing like an ordinary dentist. They are specialists in the dentistry profession and spent up to 4 more years earning the distinction after dental school. While your regular dentist is perfectly capable of repairing a chipped or broken tooth and treating decay or oral infections, orthodontists take it much further by mastering the mechanics of teeth and jaw development, how it all affects facial development, access to precision orthodontic equipment and so much more.

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