The Cost of Getting Invisalign Braces – What You Need to Know

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Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth and require braces but are not too happy about how the braces might affect your appearance? If so, you might want to consider a more aesthetically pleasant yet just as effective alternative in the form of so-called “Invisalign” braces. You might be wondering though — how much will it cost?

In this post, we will go over the average cost of Invisalign teeth braces and all the dental work surrounding the procedure to help you decide whether it is the alternative to the traditional braces you have been seeking.


Behind the cost of clear braces


Before we get to the cost of Invisalign braces, it is important to understand the dental work involved in accomplishing the desired results. Only then can you decide whether Invisalign braces holds any value for you.


Most reputable cosmetic dentists highly recommend Invisalign braces as an alternative to traditional ones and for good reason. These braces work by using a series of clear dental aligners that gradually shift the teeth into the desired position, instead of metal brackets and dental wires which most people find unsightly.


Apart from aesthetics, Invisalign braces also have the benefit of being a non-surgical alternative. Detailed impressions of your teeth are taken and used to fabricate the aligners that modify teeth alignment in various stages. You simply wear them over your teeth and switch to a different pair in a few weeks until the desired results are obtained. It comes as no surprise that Invisalign braces have become incredibly popular not only among teenagers but also among adults who are yet to benefit from any form of dental alignment. As the treatment is non-surgical, there are no down times to worry about and your peers are unlikely to notice that you are even wearing braces throughout your treatment period.


Invisalign prices


You can expect to spend around $6000 for a full Invisalign treatment depending on the severity of the problem. If you require only minor correction, then you might end up paying a little less (at least $4500). In any case, most people would agree that Invisalign braces are well worth the higher price tag especially if you are looking for a non-surgical and aesthetically pleasant alternative to traditional metal braces.


Clear correct vs Invisalign


You may have heard of another alternative to metal braces called “Clear Correct” which bears many similarities to Invisalign. Both use a number of clear aligners and switching to a different one every few weeks until proper alignment is obtained. Clear Correct also costs about the same  as Invisalign braces.


So what’s the difference? Some people prefer Clear Correct over Invisalign braces because of its’ clarity and resistant to clouding. Although less noticeable, Invisalign braces can still look evident up close when viewed at certain angles.


The only downside to Clear Correct is that it takes a bit longer to complete. Even minor cases would require at least 32 sets of clear aligners. Invisalign braces on the other hand only requires 20 (for minor cases) to 30 sets of aligners.


Are you ready to get started?

The only way to determine which type of clear braces is right for you and how much it will cost is to arrange a consultation with your Orthodontist. Get started with “Supersmile Orthodontics” today! Call us on 1300 767 553  to arrange a consultation.

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