The Cost of Invisalign Canberra Installation

Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer - Invisible braces aligner, Image by SupersmileInvisalign is increasingly becoming a popular teeth-straightening method not only in Australia but all over the globe. In recent years, more Australians are choosing Invisalign over traditional metal braces due to their invisible or discreet features. Although traditional braces still reign as the top teeth straightening solution, experts believe that its unique features and superior teeth aligning results will make it a high-demand teeth straightening method for many years to come.

So how much does Invisalign cost in Australia?

Let’s answer this question straight away. The cost of Invisalign in Australia will typically cost between $3500 and $7000. When compared to traditional braces installment which only costs between $2000 and $6000, Invisalign teeth straightening is significantly more expensive. But for those who aim to be discreet during their journey to perfect straight teeth, the additional cost is definitely worth every cent.

What are the factors that influence the final cost of Invisalign monthly?

  • Complexity of your case
  • The number of aligners that you will need throughout the treatment
  • The frequency of adjustments that will be required from a patient
  • The amount of co-pay by your insurance and out-of-pocket from the insured

Is Invisalign as good as braces?

According to experts, Invisalign works pretty much the same way as traditional metal braces and lingual braces. Invisalign discreetly moves the teeth into their correct places, thus resulting in perfectly aligned teeth. In the case of Invisalign, instead of brackets and metal wires to tighten the alignment, pre-programmed aligners will be installed at regular intervals to achieve the same teeth alignment effect.
So if you are seriously considering Invisalign over traditional teeth aligners, schedule an appointment with us today. You may reach us on 1300 767 553 today.

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