The Cost of Invisalign in Canberra Revealed

Image of Invisalign Braces by SupersmileAre you wondering about the cost of Invisalign “invisible” braces and whether it is something you can afford? Why get such braces in the first place and is it worth it? These are all perfectly good questions and something that you are probably wondering about if you are new to Invisalign braces.


Now if you are reading this then you are probably concerned about how regular braces will affect your appearance. Most adults and teenagers dread the thought of having their teeth lined up with metal brackets. If that sounds a lot like you, then Invisalign braces are an option well worth considering. How is this so?


Why some of the best Orthodontist highly recommend Invisalign braces?

Before we quote any figures, it would be best to obtain a good understanding of what Invisalign braces have to offer. Only then can you decide whether the said dental appliances are worth your time and money.


At this point, you have probably checked out a few reviews about Invisalign in Canberra. These braces are an array transparent dental trays meant to realign teeth without impacting the natural appearance of your teeth. It is no wonder then that the said dental appliance is popular among adults and teenagers alike, both of which are often anxious about how unpleasant metal braces look.  If you are reading this, then you probably think the same.


The undesirable appearance of metal braces has long been a problem, one that is severe enough to sap one’s self-confidence in their looks. Thanks to Invisalign braces, you will not need to fret about all of that. In truth, people will not even discover you are wearing braces unless you inform them about it of course. Invisalign braces are likewise detachable which spells convenience while brushing and flossing both of which can be difficult with metal braces. The latter is yet another good reason why dental experts often recommend Invisalign braces over its’ conventional counterpart.


The average cost of Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Simply put, the cost of invisible dental braces can be quite significant, and it can be significantly more than traditional braces. Most reputable dental clinics in Australia peg the average cost is at least $6000 to $9000. For minor cases of teeth misalignment, you can undergo the procedure for around $4500. While Invisalign braces cost significantly more than regular metal braces ($4500 to $8000),  many would agree that the cost is more than reasonable considering that it offers a less obvious alternative to straightening one’s teeth.
Of course, the only way to get an accurate quote for Invisalign braces is to arrange a consultation and have your needs examined by proven and reputable dental experts. You can expect nothing less out of Supersmile Orthodontics in Canberra! Call us today on 1300 767 553 to learn more!

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