What is the Cost of Lingual Braces and How Does it Work?

Image of Lingual Braces by Supersmile OrthodontistHave you thought about getting Incognito lingual braces and questioning how much it costs and how it works? Dental experts often applaud such braces as an ideal and invisible alternative to regular metal braces for a good reason. Of course, you would want to know how much it costs and what it can do for you. Only then can you decide whether it is well worth your time and money.


This post will provide you with a guide to the prices of lingual braces in Canberra. More importantly, it will help you understand how dental experts perform the procedure and how it compares with other modern alternatives like Invisalign and ceramic braces.


How much can you expect to pay for lingual braces?

Are invisible braces more expensive? Definitely, and Incognito braces are no exception. While a regular set of metal braces can set you back $8000, the average cost of lingual braces can amount to $12,500 for a full treatment (upper and lower arch). A significant amount to say the least, although most people in need of a less obvious alternative to metal braces would agree that cost is more than reasonable. How is this so?


Lingual braces are fitted behind your teeth.  A dentist installs the metal brackets behind each tooth making it invisible to onlookers. Of course, installing braces behind teeth is not as simple as it may seem and demands a high level of expertise.


What are invisible lingual braces made from and how does it compare with other types of braces?


Unlike regular braces that are either stainless steel or titanium, Incognito braces consist of a gold-nickel alloy which is less likely to cause an allergic reaction which is why they cost more than regular braces.


Are Ceramic Braces a Better Option?

Of course, there other modern alternatives to metal braces that you may want to consider, one of these are ceramic braces. These braces not only straighten teeth but also mimic the appearance of white and healthy teeth making it ideal for people struggling with misaligned and stained teeth.


Just like regular braces, ceramic ones are fitted at the front of each tooth and are practically invisible as the material blends well with the rest of teeth. Ceramic braces cost less than Incognito braces (average cost of about $4500 to $8000) but are far less durable and can break easily.


Would You Prefer Invisalign braces?

Another ideal alternative to regular metal braces and one that consist of some personalised and removable clear dental aligners come in the form of “Invisalign braces”.


Clear braces cost less than lingual braces at about $6000 to $9000, and you can remove them during meals and whenever brushing or flossing teeth. However, treatment times are longer and more dental appointments are involved. This is because your dentist will have to swap out aligners periodically as the teeth shifts into the desired alignment.
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