Details of Teeth Braces Canberra Treatment

When a person decides to go for teeth braces Canberra, he must have an idea of the whole process. Placing teeth braces cannot be completed in one session. It takes several sessions which are held over a span of a few months. The duration and process also depends on the type of braces the person chooses. The technique of placing lingual braces Canberra is different from that of metal braces.

Checkup and Consultation

No treatment can begin without a proper checkup. The dentist considers several factors during the process. He first of all does an X-Ray which gives him a clear picture of the condition. Then he discusses the problems with the person. There might be situations where the dentist might recommend extracting a tooth. After this, he will suggest what type of braces will be better and discuss the costs associated with the treatment. If the person is comfortable, he moves to the next step.

Placing the Braces

The first step of the process is fixing a bracket using dental cement. The bracket is fixed on the last tooth and provides support when the dentist uses the arch wire. He uses metal or elastic bands to tighten the teeth and pull them to the right position. All the things used are of high quality and do not cause any harm to the person.

Regular Adjustments of Braces

After the braces are fixed, they need to be adjusted at regular intervals and this is why the dentist might call the person for several sittings. He monitors the movement of teeth and changes or adjusts the arch wire for further movement until the desired structure is obtained. The duration of this process depends on the unevenness.

Process after Treatment

Once the right alignment is obtained, the dentist gives retainers to the person. These are removable and do not allow the teeth to relapse. Once the bones and the gums stabilize the person can remove the retainer permanently.

Hence, when one opts for teeth braces Canberra treatment, he must be prepared for several sittings with his dentist and also must visit him regularly to get best results.