The Difference Between Braces and Dental Plates in Canberra

image of a Dental model and dental equipment on blue backgroundThere are several orthodontic treatments that are available for children who need effective appliances to solve their existing dental problems. The most common ones are braces and dental plates. If you are unsure as to which of these two is more suitable for your child, continue reading.

This article will discuss some of the basics of dental plates and braces.

What are dental plates?

In essence, a dental plate is an orthodontic appliance made from durable plastic. It is fitted around the top and/or bottom portion of the teeth. The wires and springs that are on dental plates are designed to push and hold the teeth in their proper place. Dental plates are commonly recommended for children before the development of adult-onset teeth.

Dental plates for adults and children may also be used to change the direction where the teeth and jaws grow.   The use of dental plates is most common among those whose front upper teeth are protruding.

Dental plates also known as retainers help adults in keeping the teeth aligned after brace or Invisalign treatment. They are meant to uphold the alignment results brought about wearing fixed braces for a number of months or years.

Braces on the other hand are usually recommended for children and adults with more complicated dental problems.

When are dental plates offered by Canberra dentists?

  • For children, dental plates are excellent solutions to fix small problems such as teeth overcrowding and bite issues.
  • Once misalignment problems are finally treated by braces.
  • For children with minor bite problems.

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