Discover What Cosmetic Dental Surgery Is

Cosmetic dentist CanberraCosmetic dental surgery calls for any kind of operation dealing with gums and the teeth for cosmetic reasons, it includes extraction, gum procedures, and root canals. If you’re considering these procedures, whether for health or cosmetic reasons, you should be aware with the necessary information of the process and what is required.

This kind of operation involves removing one or more teeth including the roots. A general practice dentist can generally perform this operation. It is normally done when a tooth dies or is rotten. Another reason behind this kind of dental surgery is for wisdom teeth extraction. A simple procedure made for impacted teeth.

Gum Repair and Dental Procedure
Occasionally the gums become infected with an infection such as gingivitis and must be cleaned and fixed with dental cosmetic surgery.

Tooth Replacement
It is possible to replace the tooth when the tooth is damaged out of an injury or mishap. If you experience this kind of incident, immediately put the tooth in a glass of cold water or on ice and take it to your dentist or dental surgeon. If the root remains alive, you might have the ability to save your tooth with cosmetic dental surgery. Any time you experience a tooth lose, please ensure to have your dentist check if there is no root damage.

Preparation for Prosthetics or Bridges
When you’re preparing to get a bridge, partial or full dentures, cosmetic dental surgery may be required to prepare for the dentures. You might have to form your teeth or gums to enable the dentures to fit correctly.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Canberra with the appropriate qualifications to perform the operation please contact us and we can inform you on how we can help.