What Everyone Ought to Know about Partial Dentures in Canberra

Image of Partial Dentures by SupersmileDo you have missing teeth that have been making your life miserable and preventing you from confidently socialising with others? Well, there is hardly any reason to stress about it and all thanks to partial dentures.


How is this so?

In this post, we will examine the process and cost of partial dentures in Canberra. More importantly, we will also take a good look at what such dentures can do for you with regards to missing teeth. Only then can you decide whether it is the right dental treatment that offers the best value for your time and money.


What are partial dentures and repairs?

Simply put, partial dentures are a type of cosmetic dental treatment experts have developed to combat the problem of missing teeth and the torment that comes with it. People can lose a tooth for many reasons – poor dental hygiene, old age,  injury or accident just to mention a few. Partial dentures can be the answer towards restoring your smile and a perfect set of healthy looking teeth.


Missing tooth not only results in unsightly gaps in your dental appearance, but the remaining teeth on both sides of the lost tooth can also drift or change position causing damage to gum tissues. The condition can likewise make you more susceptible to dental caries and other oral diseases that may result in further tooth loss if left unattended. Partial dentures fill the gap and bridge the remaining teeth restoring one’s dental appearance and preventing complications.


Getting partial dentures can cost around $2600 to $4200 depending on the severity of the problem and the number of missing teeth involved. The latter include the cost of consultation, removal of the tooth (if necessary) and necessary adjustments.  If broken, emergency denture repairs are available  and enable you to maximise the service life of the dental appliance (about five years).


What to expect out of a denture clinic in Belconnen and Canberra?

Removable partial dentures consist of the replacement tooth or teeth that are fixed into a  plastic base which your dentist will link to your natural teeth by a metal structure. In addition to filling unsightly gaps, partial dentures  grant your cheeks a fuller look and support your lips. The dental appliance likewise has functional benefits such as the potential to improve speech and restore one’s ability to chew food properly.


You may find partial dentures uncomfortable to wear for the first weeks, but you will get used to it. You will also be able to master placing and removing the dentures following the guidelines from your dental expert. If you feel that your partial dentures do not fit into position correctly,  do not force it or the clasp might flex or break. If you are having trouble putting on your denture, you would best return to you dental clinic in Belconnen and Canberra for adjustments or replacement.


With partial dentures, you need to follow health and proper dental practice in looking after your teeth and in handling your dentures. Brushing the dentures daily to avoid food deposits and plaque from collecting and correct diet plan is essential to maintain good oral health.
Would you like to learn more? Looking to get started with a set of partial dentures of your own? We at “Supersmile” would be happy to help! Call us today on 1300 767 553.

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