What to Expect Out of the Average Price of Braces in Australia

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Are you in the market for affordable braces in Canberra? Perhaps you have just been to the dentist who recommended that you ought to start wearing braces but worried about how much it will cost you? In any case, it is important to have your teeth aligned if only to avoid far serious dental problems down the road.


In this post, we will take a good look at the cost of getting braces which ought to help you prepare for the treatment. Moreover, it will give you a good idea of what fees are reasonable when it comes to proper teeth alignment.


The cost of traditional metal braces and Invisalign braces in Canberra

The cost of dental care in the country can be significant, and braces are no exception. Still, it is important to follow through with your dentist recommendations to properly align your teeth with braces. Not doing so puts your long term dental health at risk as malocclusions (teeth misalignment) can often progress to more severe problems such as teeth crowding, unsightly gaps between teeth and issues with bite.


On average, people spend around $2000 to $9000 to get conventional metal braces depending on where you get the treatment and the amount of dental work to be done. As dentist fees tend to vary, you would do well to compare prices from one clinic to another just to see how much they are charging. If after the consultation you get similar quotes, then that ought to tell you something.


Invisible alternatives from some of the best orthodontist in Australia

Now, most people in need of dental alignment often hesitate to get braces not because of the cost but due to concerns about how it might affect their appearance. If that sounds a lot like you, then you might want to consider getting clear braces for teeth (Invisalign) as an ideal and more attractive alternative.


On average, Invisalign braces cost around $6000 to $9000 for a full treatment. As a cosmetic and more aesthetically pleasing alternative, you would be hard-pressed to find low-cost Invisalign treatments on the market. Still, most people would agree that the higher cost is well worth it as it grants the full advantage of dental alignment minus the unsightly metal appearance.

Of course, the only way to know for sure how much braces are going to cost you is to come in for a consultation. Get started today with some of the most leading orthodontists in the country. Phone “Supersmile” on 1300 767 553 to schedule a consultation.

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