What to Expect Out of the Cost of Invisalign in Canberra

Image of a high quality invisalign braces in CanberraAre you interested in a non-surgical and less visible alternative to traditional braces? Let’s face it — while regular braces are useful when it comes to fixing problems with teeth alignment, they can be downright unsightly.


It’s not uncommon to hear about people skipping orthodontic treatment for this reason alone. If you are considering the same, then you might want to look at a modern and “invisible” alternative in the form of Invisalign braces. But how much is it going to cost you? It is a good question especially when you hardly find any affordable braces in Canberra (or Australia for that matter).


How does Invisalign compare with the cost of metal braces in Australia? How much do braces cost with a healthcare card?


You can expect to pay at least $2000 to $9000 for conventional metal braces. Out of pocket costs can be much lower if you have dental care insurance. Check your policy for more information.


In comparison, Invisalign braces will cost you at least $6000 to $9000 ($4500 for a minor treatment). Most private insurance companies classify Invisalign as cosmetic dental treatment, so it is unlikely that you will get coverage for the treatment. Still, most people would agree that Invisalign braces are well worth the cost considering its remarkable advantages.


Are Invisalign braces worth it?


Now that you have an idea of how much you can expect to pay for Invisalign, you might be wondering if these braces are worth the money. Well, that depends on how much the following advantages appeal to you:


Invisalign braces are an “invisible” alternative to regular metal braces. The clear aligners preserve the natural appearance of your teeth and those around you are unlikely to notice that you are even wearing braces. Most people buy into Invisalign braces precisely for this benefit alone.


Unlike metal braces, Invisalign braces do not remain fixed to the teeth which means that you can remove them whenever you please — for dinner, while brushing, flossing and the like. For best results though, dental experts caution patients to wear the braces for as much time as possible to influence a positive change in teeth alignment.


No surgery is required to get an Invisalign treatment. The dentist only requires an impression of your dental features. That information is then used to plan and create a set of clear dental aligners that you need for the treatment.


Are you convinced that Invisalign in the right Orthodontic treatment for you? Get started today with our dental experts here at “Supersmile Orthodontics”! Call us today on 1300 767 553 to arrange a consultation.

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