Have Fun and Personalise Your Dental Treatment with Colour Wheel Braces

a little girl happy about getting coloured braces for teethIf you’re going to be wearing braces in the next few years then you might as well have some fun with it don’t you think? Most people don’t realise it but you can actually design your own braces; specifically the colours. You might be wondering though, how do these colours actually get introduced and how do you go about choosing the right ones?

Gone were the days when people had no choice but to settle for whatever colours your orthodontist has provided for your braces. It’s a great way for people to embrace the process and have a bit of fun while you’re at it.

Deciding on the best colours for braces

As you may already know, your braces are a sum of various parts – archways, O rings, brackets and elastic bands installed around the latter. The wires and brackets are silver; the bands is what lets you add some personalised colours to your braces. What’s more is that these bands are swapped out in between adjustments (about once every 4 to 6 weeks). Hence you get to try out different colours throughout your dental treatment.

Will pink braces suit you?

So what colour braces should you get? The great thing about coloured braces is that you get to choose your own set of colours for your braces. Your orthodontist can even give you access to programs that will enable you to test out your chosen set of colours virtually and have everything ready by your next dental appointment. Popular choice of colours include tinges of yellow, green, red, blue and pink just to mention a few. If unsure with your choices, you can check with your orthodontist for advice.

There are no rules when it comes to plotting colours for your braces. That said, you can always use some suggestions. For one thing, you might be wondering what colour braces make your teeth look whiter? In this case, you’d want to opt for darker colours like pink, violet or orange. You may also want to consider choosing colours that matches your eyes or the colour of the clothes that you often wear. Avoid choosing white as it can make your teeth appear yellowish. The same goes for brown bands which can make it seem like you’ve got food stuck in your teeth.

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