Should You Get Lingual Braces?

Image of Lingual Braces by Supersmile OrthodontistIn these day and age, orthodontic treatments are more diverse in that patients can choose one that fits their preferences and budget, too. If you require teeth straightening, you are no longer limited to metal braces since there are other orthodontic appliances that you can choose from.

One remarkable orthodontic treatment that you should seriously consider is that of lingual braces, also known as incognito braces. This teeth-straightening system is installed to the back of the teeth or the lingual side rather than at the front of the teeth, thus making them less visible.

What is the difference between lingual braces and metal braces?

Before we enumerate the differences between traditional braces and lingual braces, let’s look at their similarities. For one, the brackets and wires used for both braces are the same. Both traditional and incognito braces deliver the same results, too. Lastly, they address the same set of orthodontic problems such as major teeth misalignment and bite problems.

The only difference between these two orthodontic treatments is that lingual braces are placed at the back portion of the teeth, where it does its job in a more discreet manner.

What are the benefits of choosing incognito braces?

  • Discreet teeth alignment solution


People choose lingual braces over traditional metal or ceramic due to their less visible nature. As incognito braces are installed on the backend portion of the teeth, other people are less likely to detect them.

  • No discoloration issues


The placement on the backend portion of the teeth is also considered more practical and aesthetically pleasing among patients. Once removed, traditional braces tend to leave discolouration marks. This problem can be very expensive since you will need to obtain teeth whitening or bleaching services to even out teeth colour. On the other hand, people with lingual braces may not feel the need to acquire such services as the problem is hidden at the backside portion of the teeth.
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