Getting Dental Plates for Teeth in Canberra

Image of a set of dental Plates for Teeth in Canberra

How much are plates for teeth and what are its advantages?

Are you interested in getting dentures or plates for teeth in Canberra? Also known as false teeth, these plates are often touted as a the perfect and more convenient solution when it comes to the replacement of lost or broken teeth. How exactly is this so? Well do read on to find out!

A good look at dentures or plates for teeth in Canberra

No matter how careful we are with our dental health, many people often end up losing a tooth or two may it be due to gum disease and tooth decay or following an accident or serious injury. It wasn’t too long ago that people had no other option other than tooth implants which was utterly painful and could easily cost you a small fortune. A better solution was needed and that’s exactly where dental plates actually come in.

Now you might be wondering – how much are plates for teeth? The cost of a plate including all necessary adjustments is around $1500; no meagre amount to say the least but certainly more affordable than other teeth replacement options out there. Teeth loss at any extent will invariable affect your facial structures (cheeks, lips, etc). Hence dental plates for teeth in Canberra ultimately result to a more desirable appearance that is in addition to one’s ability to properly chew food and enunciate words better.

Your options in dentures

Now generally there are two kinds of dental plates that you can opt for – partial dentures and a complete one. Which one to ultimately opt for depends on your needs and the current state of one’s teeth. If you’ve got only a few missing tooth then your dentist is bound to recommend partial dentures which can either be fixed or removable in nature. Fixed ones are naturally more expensive but is more convenient and maintains proper teeth alignment much more effectively. In the case of full dentures, these are recommended for patients who’ve lost a full set of teeth on the lower or upper jaw.

Would you like to learn more? You need not live with the consequences of tooth loss and there’s definitely something that you can do to bring back your perfect smile. Call Super Smile today on 1300 767 553 and arrange a consultation to get plates for teeth in Canberra!

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