Getting Invisible Braces in Canberra

What exactly are invisible braces?

woman wearing  Invisible Braces in CanberraAre you interested in so called invisible braces in Canberra but not quite certain if it’s the right dental treatment for you? Such braces are a fairly new development in orthodontic care and make dental alignment easier and more convenient for all. Unlike ordinary metal braces, clear braces can be worn inconspicuously and need not adversely affect your appearance.

Now some of the best orthodontists in the country will generally offer you two options when it comes to invisible braces – incognito lingual braces and invisalign clear braces. Both solutions come highly recommended for aligning misaligned teeth without the need for unsightly metallic brackets and wires as seen with traditional metal braces. Prices can vary but lingual braces generally cost more as the procedure is much more extensive. In any case, invisible braces don’t come cheap although most people would agree that its the ideal solution for anyone looking to get orthodontic treatment without having to deal with drastic changes in their appearance. Most people wouldn’t even know that you’ve got braces on unless they get a real good look or you choose to tell them about it which makes it well worth the significant cost.

A good look at your options when it comes to invisible braces in Canberra

Incognito Lingual Braces

These braces are generally the same as that of traditional metallic braces with the exception that these braces are actually fitted at the back of each tooth instead of the front making it possible to wear the braces unnoticed. It’s a popular and straightforward solution for most adults looking for an inconspicuous alternative to traditional braces. Considering the position of the braces, its easy to see just how difficult it is to install and apply. Some dentists even resort to the use of a specialised computer program that scans the patient’s dental features and guides a robotic “arm” that accurately fits the braces from behind the teeth for best results. Needless to say, the complexity of the procedure adds up to the cost and its well worth mentioning that although operating fees are generally lower, manually fitting these type of braces takes more time which naturally adds to the total cost.

Quotes for fitting incognito braces generally depends on how long the braces need to be used along with the numerous adjustments required. Depending on how complex the procedure is, total cost on average cost for incognito lingual braces (full treatment) is pegged at $7500 up to $12000.

Invisalign braces

Yet another option that you might want to consider when it comes to getting invisible braces in Canberra is the invisalign treatment which revolves around the use of so called “clear braces”. It can cost a lot less than incognito lingual braces although its not for everyone, particularly for patients that need consistent and considerable pressure to gradually force the teeth into alignment. Invisalign braces of course work the same way but not nearly as effective in all cases as it’s basically a snap on solution. However it’s removable nature also makes it a lot more convenient than its counterpart as its a lot easier to keep clean and can be removed during meals and doesn’t nearly cause as much discomfort as getting actual braces fitted unto your teeth.

Just like incognito braces, the cost of an invisalign treatment can vary but these invisible braces tend to lean towards the cheaper end of the spectrum with some dental professionals offering it for as low as $3500 to $5000. Clear braces can cost a lot less but are not truly invisible as the transparent material is still noticeable but not nearly as much as conventional metallic braces.

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