A Good Look at Cosmetic Dentistry Plates

Image of a set of Cosmetic Dentistry Plates in Canberra

Interested in cosmetic dental plates?

Are you interested in getting cosmetic dentistry plates but not quite sure about what to expect or what it can do for you? These dental services have become quite the necessity now days and for good reasons. Despite the myriad of advancements in cosmetic dental care people, a lot of people are still struggling with potentially disfiguring oral problems such as tooth decay, gum problems and missing or broken teeth. It used to be that the only way to address such problems was through fixed dentures or so called “bridges”; both of which can be unsightly and hardly yields natural-looking results. That’s where cosmetic dental plates actually come in.

The advantages of cosmetic dentistry plates

Cosmetic dentistry plates involve the use of implants that basically serve as an artificial tooth root. It can be made to accommodate one or several artificial tooth and secured all the way to the jawbone with titanium screws. This creates a solid base from which fixed or removable teeth may be installed to match existing ones.

Truth be told , the price of cosmetic dental plate can be quite significant but most people would agree that there’s no better solution when it comes lost or missing teeth. You’d do well to consider the following advantages:

  • Comfort – unlike dentures, dental plates hardly cause any long term pain or discomfort and are made to fit one’s dental features perfectly.
  • Preserves oral health – unlike dentures, dental plates leaves other perfectly healthy tooth untouched contributing to better oral hygiene and long term dental health.
  • Restore dental appearance affected by tooth loss and gum disease and bring back one’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Dental plates are durable and can last throughout your lifetime (with proper maintenance and regular check up)

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