A Good Look at the Cost of Braces for Adults

a woman wondering about the Cost of Braces for Adults

Getting braces for adults

Wondering about the cost of braces for adults and whether its something that you might want to look into? As an adult, you tend to recognise just how important it is to maintain a beautiful, straight and healthy set of pearly whites. While you may have scoffed at the idea of wearing orthodontic braces in the past, you may now realise that certain sacrifices need to be made (albeit temporarily) and that you need to do all that you can to keep your teeth in tip top condition as you age. As a matter of fact, adults getting braces now days are not at all uncommon. That said, you’ve got to wonder though, how much do adult braces cost?

The cost of braces for adults

Now for most people, cost is definitely an important factor when it comes to getting any kind of orthodontic treatment. The cost of adult braces in the Australian Capital Territory generally depends on a kind of braces installed, the duration of the treatment and whether other orthodontic treatments are needed. Fees also vary across the number of orthodontic clinics in the area. A ballpark figure that you can expect when it comes to getting adult braces would be anywhere from $4,500 to $8,000 for a full set of conventional metal braces.

What other options are out there?

Now you might be hesitant to get braces because of how it’ll affect your appearance or you simply might be too embarrassed to wear it as you go about your work and personal life. While that may be true for traditional metallic braces, you shouldn’t let that keep you from getting the orthodontic treatment that you need. There are less conspicuous alternatives to regular metal braces that are just as effective. Good examples include invisalign braces which are basically transparent molds designed to be worn over the teeth gently aligning them in place. There are also so called “incognito” or hidden braces that you can opt for which are actually similar to metal braces except that these braces are installed behind the teeth effectively hiding it from prying eyes. Granted these braces are certainly more expensive than traditional braces (invisalign braces can set you back as much as $9,000), most people would agree that its definitely well worth it. After all, the cost of adult braces are a small investment compared to reconstructive orthodontic treatments that may ultimately become necessary if you leave the problem to go on unchecked.

Looking to get started? Call Super Smile today on 1300 767 553! Most reputable orthodontists in the country don’t expect you to pay for your braces all at once. Flexible payment plans are available which would make the cost of adult braces a lot more manageable for most people.


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