How Are Damon Braces Better Than Regular Ones

title 1 - How Are Damon Braces Better Than Regular OnesWhen it comes to dental treatment, many patients prefer Damon braces to conventional ones. The most interesting thing about the former type of braces is that they are gaining preference despite being more costly in comparison to traditional braces. You must be asking yourself; with all the options that are available for affordable braces, why would anyone choose expensive ones? This is a good question considering the fact that orthodontic treatments do not come cheap.

But, the answer to this is quite simple; the Damon self-ligating braces provide a myriad of benefits. As a result, you can find Damon braces in Canberra and many other places around the world. So, what exactly makes the Damon dental braces superior to ordinary ones? Before delving into that, it is worth explaining what self-ligating braces are.

What Are Self-Ligating Braces?

These are simply teeth alignment brackets that have no elastic ligatures. In this case, the wires intertwine with the brackets in a solid design. So, how does this make Damon self-ligating braces different? Here are the main benefits that these braces provide over regular ones.

Pain Reduction

There are plenty of advantages to eliminating the elastic ties in braces, with the first one being that teeth have less restriction during movement. This is the reason why patients tend to experience less pain when using Damon self-ligating braces.

Reduced Treatment Time

With less pain, patients can keep the braces on for long periods without the need to have them removed in order to relieve pain. What this means is that the treatment time will be reduced. This is because of the simple reason that braces have more time to exert gradual pressure on the teeth, thus, providing a continuous treatment effect. In fact, there are clinical surveys that have recorded Damon patients having their teeth aligned in three months to one year ahead of time. This is, perhaps, the biggest benefit that has made Damon System Braces in Canberra and other cities around the world to become quite popular amongst dental patients.

Better Oral Health

It is worth making a mention of the fact that Damon dental braces actually help to promote good oral health. Much of this has to do with the absence of elastic bands, which all too often trap bacterial and plague between teeth. Hence, removing these elastic ligatures makes it easy to maintain oral hygiene.

Last but not least, Damon braces are clear, thus, less likely to notice, which is an added advantage to those that do not want to look odd when wearing orthodontic braces.