How Lingual Braces Work

a collage of lingual braces and how it differs from ordinary braces

Incognito lingual orthodontics


Lingual braces are perfect for anyone looking for an inconspicuous and comfortable

alternative to regular metal braces. These braces are notable for reducing treatment times

while inconspicuously yielding the benefit that was once only possibly through traditional

metal braces.


Why consider lingual braces?


Lingual orthodontics is a fairly recent addition in dentistry and is currently the only type

of inconspicuous braces in the market today that is personalised to fit the structure of

each tooth. Of course the quality that generates the most interest from people is that it’s

lingual – fitted behind each tooth making them completely unnoticeable from the outside.

Now the cost of lingual braces can be several times more than that of regular metal

braces but many lingual braces orthodontists would agree that it’s well worth it. In

addition to being inconspicuous, such braces are also “self-litigating” which means that it

can be affixed to the “arch wire” of the braces without much trouble. It can also be set to

passive (for aligning) and active mode (for finishing) depending on the progress of the



Lingual braces minimise friction and significantly reduce treatment time making it a

quick, easy and more convenient orthodontic treatment for anyone in need of dental

alignment without resorting to anything too conspicuous or uncomfortable.


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