How Much Do Braces for Adults Cost? – Benefits of Adult Braces

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We all want the perfect set of teeth. Ideally, our teeth should line up neatly during growth and development, however internal and external factors can result in misalignment issues such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, underbite, and overbite to name a few.

Although not causes for alarm, having bad teeth can take a toll on one’s self-esteem and confidence. One great means of fixing cosmetic problems of the teeth among adults is through the installation of braces. Adult braces present a quick, effective, and affordable way of creating the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted.


The benefits of adult braces

Ideally, braces are orthodontic appliances that should be installed during childhood. Proper positioning of misaligned teeth is relatively faster during the first few years of life. In some cases, orthodontic and cosmetic issues arise during adulthood. Once an individual turns 18, adult braces are automatically prescribed.

Before having your adult braces installed, there are a few factors that need consideration:

  • You may need additional surgical procedures to fix structural problems. Adult braces will be an additional or supportive solution to properly align the teeth. This is due to that fact that the bones around the oral cavity stop growing after the adolescence stage.
  • You may need to wear braces for a longer duration of time than those children and teenagers. The average braces treatment lasts for about 2 years.


Different Types of Adult Braces

  • Traditional braces are made from metal. The brackets are secured with glue and connected by wires for proper alignment. Adjustment every four to six weeks is recommended for best results.
  • Ceramic braces are more discreet than traditional braces as they match the colour of your teeth.
  • Clear or invisible teeth aligners or Invisalign are ideal adult braces in that they can be worn without other people noticing them. They are customised teeth aligners that resemble plastic trays which fit over your teeth. You can easily remove them to eat, brush your teeth, and perform other dental hygiene practices without interruption.


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