How to Keep Braces Clean and Hygienic

Image of a woman exercising hygeienic and clean braces by SupersmileOral hygiene is not just about brushing or flossing regularly, it’s also about whether you are following the correct oral hygiene practices. Sticking to the right technique of brushing is also very important especially if you wear braces. Hygienic braces will help in the better alignment of teeth. If you maintain regular good oral hygiene while wearing braces, you can achieve a beautiful smile once you you’re your braces off.

The brushing regimen remains the same while wearing braces. You should brush twice a day and rinse with water after each meal. Let’s have a look at the technique: move the brush in a circular motion around the edges of the gums and on teeth. It’s ideal to spend 10 seconds on every tooth. Make an angle with the toothbrush on the teeth and cleanse using the bristles over and under the braces wire between one tooth and another. Next, move to the surface of the teeth which is used for chewing. It is also important to clean the surface of the tongue and the mouth’s roof which should be followed by thorough rinsing.

Dental floss is also of great importance. Ideally, it should be done every day but if you can’t do that, you should at least do it thrice a day. The technique is quite simple. Place the floss into the threader and then place the latter in between the gums. It can also be placed underneath the wire. Employ an up and down motion while flossing along the sides of the teeth. Once this procedure is completed, it is advisable that you take a look in the mirror to ensure that the job is done well and the braces have a shine on them. If any bleeding in the gums takes place or they get sore, rinsing with salt water can be helpful. Most people’s gums bleed because of lack of hygiene. If you’re using braces with elastics then it’s important to replace them regularly. Follow your orthodontist’s recommendations when it comes to replacement.

Use of a good mouthwash is also very important for good oral hygiene. It not only battles bad breath, it also keeps the braces clean. Taking proper care of the braces is of utmost importance to ensure that they last long and yield desirable results. Many people spend a lot of money in getting braces fitted but neglect them later. This reduces their life and performance.