Incognito Lingual Teeth Braces in Canberra

Invisible yet affordable braces?

a patient with Lingual Teeth Braces in CanberraTeeth braces in Canberra are designed to correct crooked and misaligned teeth but not many people out there are too keen about getting their teeth lined with wires and metal brackets. Although effective, traditional metal braces can be rather unsightly not to mention that it often causes a great deal of discomfort and inconvenience. This is where so called incognito lingual braces can come in. Also known as “braces behind teeth”. These braces are exactly just that and are fitted directly at the back of each tooth so that it’s completely unnoticeable when viewed from the front.

Lingual teeth braces in Canberra – is it for you?

Indeed lingual braces might just be the perfect solution and often recommended by some of the best orthodontists in the country for patients who dislike the idea of having to wear metallic braces for any period of time. That said, incognito braces aren’t for everyone; you’ll need to have normal sized teeth and no issues with bite (excessive overbite). Patients also need to be careful not to exert too much force on the brackets which aren’t actually as durable as that of traditional metallic braces.

Now you might think that incognito braces are nothing more than just ordinary braces installed on the back of the teeth instead of the front. While it certainly seems that way, the process of fabricating and fitting such braces are much more complex because every bracket is tailor made to fit each tooth and often installed using robotic arms and computer assisted technology to yield the best possible results. Impressions of your dental features are made which is then used to fabricate the lingual braces. A mock up of your dental features is then done and scanned digitally to further create the custom brackets and arch wires that’ll be used to hold the lingual braces in place. At this point, everything is then embedded unto a tray for application.

At this point, you may now have an idea just how complex incognito braces are. Preparing and fitting incognito lingual teeth braces can take hours of work for orthodontic experts and requires mastery that goes beyond what regular dentistry has to offer. All these adds up to the cost which starts at $7500 and can go up to $12500 on average. While the latter can’t certainly be described as “affordable braces”, most people would agree that its definitely well worth the cost.

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