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Getting insurance to cover the cost of orthodontics

Are you thinking about getting insurance for orthodontics in Canberra? Perhaps you’ve been offered one but not quite sure if it’s actually a good idea? Well if you ever were in need of orthodontic services in the past then you would know that such services can be very expensive.

Orthodontic services in the country can cost you as much as $6,000 to $9,000 and even a minor correction can set you back for $4,500. Hence getting insurance for orthodontic services certainly makes a good investment if only to cover the high cost of such services in the country.

A few things that you should known about getting insurance for orthodontics in Canberra

Here at Super Smile Orthodontics, we’ve encountered numerous questions about the cost of orthodontics and getting insurance to cover the same. Hence we’ve compiled a few FAQ’s that should help shed some light on the matter:

Can I get insurance that covers my orthodontic treatment?

Yes you certainly can and again it’s a good idea to do so. Such a policy can be used to settle the entirety of your treatment from equipment and facility fees to the cost of individual procedures and general care.

In some cases, orthodontic insurance can be offered as a part of your dental insurance so you might want to check before taking out a new policy. If not then it may be available as an add-on to any existing insurance policy that you might have. In any case, such a policy can prove invaluable especially for several members of a growing family who might need some orthodontic treatment done in the future.

How does orthodontic insurance work?

Not at all different from your typical insurance plan – you take out a policy and pay the specified premiums. In return, policy holders will provided coverage to settle expenses surrounding one’s orthodontic needs in the future.

Why are orthodontic treatments so expensive?

Orthodontists are specialist dentist and many believe that alone is the reason why orthodontic treatments are so expensive compared to that of regular dentistry. However that is certainly not the case; while an orthodontist is certainly in a position to charge more for their services, a bulk of the cost can be attributed to the type of cases that they handle.

Orthodontic problems can be rather complex and requires expensive equipment and facilities to rectify. This means retainers, braces and other orthodontic appliances, not to mention the cost of X-ray and imaging equipment along with regular check ups and orthodontic adjustments which an orthodontist would have to do for the duration of the treatment.

Any more questions regarding insurance and cost of orthodontic services? Perhaps you’re looking to get started with some of the top orthodontists in the country? Call Super Smile today on 1300 767 553 and arrange a consultation with a reputable expert on orthodontics in Canberra.


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