Investing on Cosmetic Dentistry in Canberra

a patient happy with Cosmetic Dentistry in Canberra

What can you expect out of a cosmetic dentist?

Are you thinking of undergoing cosmetic dentistry in Canberra but not quite sure if its actually worth spending your hard-earned money on? Many are quick to dismiss “cosmetic” dental services as something totally unnecessary; one that is only reserved to the rich and vain. Is this really the case though?

Cosmetic dentists are different from a regular dentist because they are more concerned about the aesthetics of your teeth in addition to dental health and function. This demands great skill and expertise – specialisations that go far beyond regular dentistry. Such services will cost you but its wrong to dismiss their work as trivial.

Think about it – your smile plays a great part in determining your over all appearance. Any issues with your teeth can lead to social ridicule and low self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry gives people the opportunity to rectify any issues that they may have with their teeth and achieve a beautiful and more confident smile.

Your options on cosmetic dentistry in Canberra

Cosmetic dentistry can solve just about any aesthetic issue that you may have with your teeth – from a missing tooth, crooked teeth, to problems with overbite, etc. Some of the most popular solutions in cosmetic dentistry available today include:

Incognito and Invisalign braces

Regular dentists are often quick to recommend conventional metallic braces for patients with misaligned teeth. The problem is that some people are reluctant to wear such braces as it’s uncomfortable and downright unsightly. Cosmetic dentists can offer a better solution in the form of incognito lingual braces and invisalign treatments. Both of these solutions are geared towards inconspicuously aligning one’s teeth without sacrificing aesthetics and are popular among teens and adults in need of dental correction.


In many cases, aesthetic issues with your teeth can go far beyond proper alignment and require a more complicated approach in the form of orthopaedics. A cosmetic dentist can recommend the use of specialised dental fixtures designed to treat irregularities in the upper and lower jaw to improve overall appearance.

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