Are Invisalign Braces Affordable in Canberra?

Image of a woman who thinks that invisalign cost in Canberra is worth itConcerned how traditional metallic braces will affect your appearance? If so, invisalign braces might be the perfect alternative for you. It’s composed of transparent trays designed to properly realign the teeth without affecting the appearance of your teeth. This is what makes it immensely popular among adults and teenagers who are often worried about how unsightly metal brackets look on their teeth even with colour dental braces. If you’re reading this then you probably feel the same way.

Are invisalign braces really worth it?

According to Dr Michael Hyde – our resident Orthodontist here at Super Smile — the average cost of invisalign braces in Australia is around $6000 to $9000. For minor cases of dental alignment, invisalign braces can be obtained for about $4500. Not exactly what you would describe as affordable and these braces generally cost more than it’s traditional metallic counterparts. Still most people would agree that the higher cost is definitely worth it if only for the aesthetic value.

The unsightly appearance of metal braces has long been a problem, one that is serious enough to sap one’s confidence in their appearance. Thanks to invisalign braces, you won’t have to worry about all of that. In fact people won’t even notice you are wearing braces, unless you tell them of course. Invisalign braces are also removable which presents added convenience while eating and brushing your teeth. Yet another good reason why people prefer invisalign braces over more conventional solutions.

Managing the cost of invisalign in Australia

Don’t think you can afford to pay for invisalign braces? Well that may not necessarily be the case and you need not give up on the idea of getting a invisible alternative to dental alignment. There are ways to reduce your dental expenses or at least make it more manageable. For one thing, you can check with your insurance company as they might just shoulder a percentage of the cost. Most reputable dental clinics also offer flexible payment plans allowing you to spread out payments over a set period of time. Interest rates may apply but you won’t have to pay for anything upfront.

Looking to get started? Perhaps you’ve got a few more questions about invisalign braces and other less conspicuous alternatives to metal braces? We at “Super Smile” would be happy to help! Call us today on 1300 767 553 and learn everything you need to know about getting invisalign braces.

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