Invisalign in Canberra- Useful Information for Prospective Clients Users

Image of a woman holding her new invisalign bracesA teeth makeover just might be your key to many great opportunities in life. Besides crooked teeth, aligners such as braces can greatly enhance one’s facial features, too. Unfortunately, traditional orthodontic appliances such as braces are too expensive for the average Canberra resident. If you want a more affordable teeth straightening alternative, consider getting Invisalign from a trusted Canberra orthodontist.


What is Invisalign?


Invisalign is the future of orthodontic care. It makes use of advanced Invisalign technology to create personalized clear plastic aligners. You may be asking why is Invisalign a better teeth straightening tool than braces and retainers. Here are reasons why:


  • See-Through, Almost Invisible Aligners


If you’ve been avoiding braces all your life because of its unsightly bands and appliance, now is the time to rethink teeth alignment again. With Invisalign, they make use of clear plastic that’s almost invisible when worn. Other people won’t even notice that you’re wearing an aligner.


  • Fast Results


After two weeks of wearing Invisalign, you will notice considerable shifting or movement of teeth to the right direction. The duration by which your teeth goes into perfect alignment is shorter when compared to wearing braces or retainers.


  • Comfortable and Removable


Invisalign is considered the best teeth straightening approach in Canberra due to its comfort feature. This aligner can be removed for brief periods of time without difficulties. Braces are semi-permanent in nature since they can only be removed once final alignment has been achieved.


  • Affordable Teeth Alignment Appliance


In Canberra, Invisalign price rates are more affordable than traditional braces. On average, an individual suffering from crooked teeth on the front may be charged between 6,000AUD to 9,000AUD. If you obtain the services of reputable dentists specializing in Invisalign, their service starts at 10,000AUD or higher.


Invisalign is a truly remarkable and effective alternative for teeth straightening. It costs slightly cheaper than braces, but is still considered expensive at 6,000AUD for mild cases. If you want to check if Invisalign is for you, go to your dentist today!

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