Why Lingual Braces Cost More than Regular Metal Braces?

Image of a woman wearing lingual braces by SupersmileMost people find that the cost of dental braces is significant and can easily cost you a small fortune. It does not help that you can expect to pay more if you are looking for a less obvious alternative such as “incognito” lingual braces. Why is this so?


Now people choose to get lingual braces for all sorts of reasons, but it all boils down to one thing – it just looks better than traditional braces. Better aesthetics means that these braces come at a cost; all the more reason to understand the value behind such braces.


Are lingual braces worth it?

People cannot deny that how you look on the outside is just as important as how you are on the inside. It is not to say that people are vain, but the manner in which people perceive you certainly matters, may it be in your profession or your personal relationship with others. Hence the demand for so-called lingual “braces behind teeth”.


Unlike regular metal braces,  lingual braces are cleverly fitted directly behind each tooth so that it is practically invisible when viewed from the front. It’s perfect for people that are concerned about how regular metal braces are going to negatively affect their appearance, sapping their confidence and making them overly conscious about their smile. If that sounds a lot like you then lingual braces are definitely well worth considering.


So are lingual braces essentially the same as regular metal braces except that your dentist fits them on the opposite side of the teeth? Well, it is not quite that simple; Incognito braces are made from a different type of metal (gold-nickel alloy) and installing them alone requires tremendous skill and considerably longer time effort on the part of your orthodontist. All these ultimately add up to the cost which can amount up to $9000 or more.


Beware of affordable lingual braces offered by dentists of questionable credentials at a fraction of the cost. These people likely have no business providing such a service or hardly speak any English as is often the case for low-cost dental services overseas. Note that a botched dental treatment plan can cost a lot more to fix which is why you are better off entrusting the job to a proven and highly reputable orthodontist the first time around.


Indeed if you are getting lingual braces then you better be prepared to pay a considerable amount even with payment plans or dental insurance covering a percentage of the cost. However, if you are in need of dental alignment and dread the thought of having to line your teeth with unsightly metal brackets, then you can never go wrong with these braces.


Invisalign Braces and other alternative to traditional braces

Of course incognito braces are not your only option when it comes to “invisible” braces. You can do away with meta wires and brackets altogether with clear invisalign braces that require no surgery and can be removed whenever you please.


The cost of invisalign braces is slightly more affordable than incognito braces at an average cost of $6000 to $9000. As a removable dental appliance, an invisalign dental treatment plan may take longer to complete and require more dental appointments as your orthodontist will have to periodically replace the veneers as your teeth shifts into alignment.
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