Make over your Smile with Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Close-up portrait of smiling teenage girl with bracesFrom Mona Lisa to Julia Roberts, smiling has always ranked highly as a measure of beauty. Researching the impact of smiling throughout history, neuroscientist Andrew Newberg concludes that the activity of smiling is the human symbol “with the highest positive emotional content”.

Smiling sets off a cascade of reactions in both yourself and others. Not only is it regarded as an instant improvement upon your look but smiling actually creates an inner-reaction by stimulating reward centres in your brain.

Cosmetic dentistry has helped thousands of people smile brilliantly. Smile makeovers can drastically change the way your teeth look, improving every aspect of your smile and restoring your confidence as well.  

What is considered cosmetic dental work?


  • Dental Implants


Replaces missing teeth, deteriorated teeth, or dentures. This is an invasive cosmetic dental surgery with prep and down time, however the results are permanent and give teeth a naturally beautiful look.


  • Teeth Whitening


Sometimes your problem can be as simple as having stained teeth or a discoloured tooth. Bleaching the teeth can easily solve this problem, leaving you with beautiful, snowy-white teeth.


  • Aligners


Protruding teeth are unsightly, especially if it’s the only dental concern you have. That being said, aligners are especially designed for crowded or protruding front teeth and can solve the problem in as little as 12 weeks without draining your budget or causing inconveniences.


  • Veneers


A complete reshaping of your teeth can be accomplished with veneers. Veneers are laminates made from a thin layer of material (porcelain or composite) that when placed on the surface of teeth, can improve their aesthetics and durability. Veneers can improve your smile by fixing broken, misshapen or small teeth.

A skilled cosmetic dentist can design a unique smile made specifically to fit the shape of your face, skin-tone, and dental concerns. If you want to check out cosmetic dentistry prices for the services mentioned above, give us a call on 1300 767 553 today.

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