How much do Braces for Adults Cost in Australia?

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Teeth straightening is the ultimate dental treatment option for those who suffer from various structural problems such as crooked teeth, gaps in teeth, underbite and overbite to name a few. Braces present a permanent fix on such dental problems. But how much do braces really cost in Australia? In this article, we will provide you with useful information about the procedure as well as the price range for getting braces installed.

More and more adult Australians are getting braces in their adult years. Whilst some are first timers for this procedure, there are also people who have had braces in their childhood or adolescent years.

Many factors contribute to orthodontic problems during adulthood. Having straighter, whiter teeth is the trend in recent years and adults are willing to sacrifice a few months of wearing braces so they can sport perfect pearly whites.

Cost of Teeth Braces in Australia

The cost of teeth braces in Australia varies as multiple factors are considered in pricing this specific orthodontic service. For one, the location of the clinic influences the prices. Dental clinics in urban areas are more expensive to run due to higher overhead costs, whilst those in suburban or regional communities offer teeth braces at more affordable prices.

The quality of materials used as well the as the level of skill and expertise of  orthodontist will add to the total cost of braces for adults. The severity of the problem will also determine how long the braces will stay on as well as the frequency of follow up visits to the clinic.

The price range for standard adult braces in Australia is between $2000 and $9000. You may want to check in with your insurance company if orthodontic care is part of the coverage. In certain cases, insurers will cover adult braces, whilst some may not provide any form of coverage at all.

Invisible braces on the other hand are more expensive as the price ranges between $6000 and $9000.


Now that you have a general idea of the cost of adult dental braces, you can give us a call on 1300 767 553 to set up an appointment.

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