How Much Do Braces for Adults Cost?

woman take invisible braces, Image by SupersmileCrooked and misshapen teeth are but unsightly to look at. Although these deformities do not cause pain, discomfort, or serious dental problems, they do hurt your confidence and self-esteem.

There is now a fool-proof and fast means to fix crooked and misshapen teeth without having to deal with expensive and unnecessary dental procedures. You are sure to find the best way to straighten your teeth with braces application. Just read on the article and find out how much does it cost to wear braces in Australia!

How much do braces cost in Australia?

In essence, braces such as traditional metal, lingual, and Invisalign are orthodontic solutions if you need to align your teeth.  Braces work by exerting pressure to align and position the teeth properly.

The purpose of braces are not only limited to fixing crooked or misshapen teeth. Here are other reasons why children and even adults are now seeking to get braces from orthodontic clinics in Australia.

  • Fix overbites
  • Improve one’s ability to chew food items
  • Improve one’s dental hygiene
  • Gap teeth

The cost of braces in Australia depends on several factors including the type of braces to be used, the severity of the orthodontic problem, and the length of time braces are in place.

What is the average cost of braces for adults in Australia?

The average cost of adult braces in Australia is typically 8,000 AUD. The traditional braces will remain installed within a span of 18 months of best results.

Lingual braces cost is more expensive as they are customised and are meant to fit snuggly inside your teeth. Expect to pay at least 9,000AUD for a standard 18-month lingual braces plan.

Lastly, ceramic braces in Australia is a little more expensive than metal braces at 5,000 to 8,000 for a full course of treatment.

Are braces more expensive for adults?

In general, adult braces are slightly costlier than braces for younger individuals.  This is due to the fact that adults need a longer treatment time to get the desired results. Since teeth stop growing at some point during our adulthood, it is more difficult to adjust or move the teeth in their right position. With all these challenges when wearing braces for adults. They are more time consuming, thus making them more expensive than children or teenage braces.

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